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Toxic products to avoid during pregnancy

Once you realize you are pregnant, your entire lifestyle undergoes a complete change. One thing you need to ensure is that your beauty regime also requires a total revamping. Some of the beauty products that you are using contain traces of certain chemicals. They may be harmful to your unborn baby as well. Some of these chemicals seep into the skin and in fact crosses the placenta and reaches the fetus. It can lead to unwanted complications and risks.

Take a look at the infographic by “Healthy Child Healthy World” to know the list of toxic prducts that can harm your unborn baby.

Also, check 5 such beauty products that you should avoid during pregnancy:

  • Sun Screen Lotions and Creams – Not all sunscreen lotions are safe during pregnancy. Some have physical protection, some come with chemical
  • Bath products and luxury soaps – Most of the bath ingredients comprise of umpteen dangerous chemicals that may harm your little one.
  • Tanning Sprays – All tanning sprays contain traces of DHA. This is proven to be very hazardous when used while pregnant.
  • Heavy Perfumes – All perfumes contain phthalates. This is a chemical that can trigger reproductive toxicity.
  • Hair Removal Products – These products contain thioglycolic acid as their main ingredient.

At the time of pregnancy, follow the proper skincare guide for amazing skin and healthy baby!

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