Know How Your Unwell Stomach Is A Sign Of Unhealthy Skin

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Unwell Stomach Is A Sign Of Unhealthy Skin

Don’t be surprised? It is possible. My dear readers, a stomach functioning properly is essential for our overall health and well-being and not to forget beauty which is often perceived in the form of healthy skin. Since ages, humans have known the importance of keeping their bowel clean so that it doesn’t affect their health. They knew it that an unwell stomach can surely make other organs unwell too. Skin being the largest organ of the body is affected the most.

Skin also happens to be the most visible organ and shows us some signs of the main organ of digestive system not working at its optimum inside the body. Read on further to unravel the unwanted signs that appear on the skin.

  • Pesky Pimples, Aching acne

This is by far the most common indication of an unwell stomach. Pimples due to this would concentrate more on your forehead. In teenagers, it may become difficult to understand what is causing pimples as it may be due to both: hormonal change happening in the body or a stomach problem. An easy way out is to notice if they are popping up at a specific place. If yes and it is the forehead, your stomach is the culprit and not the hormones. Keep stomach clean and get rid of acne quickly.

  • Cracks on the sole of your feet

Cracks on the heel are another indication of a stomach not keeping well. Now there is nothing much to worry about if the cracks appear occasionally but if they stay for a longer time even though you take good care of your feet. Believe me, it is saying something about a deeper problem and this is connected to your tummy. Your upset stomach is showing off it is malfunctioning in the form of cracks on the sole.

  • Dull Skin

You may argue that a lot of diseases can leave skin looking dull but if a person who has not suffered any serious disease in the recent past except for a troubling stomach, then look no further. It is here where the problem is taking its shape. Your stomach facing an issue is making skin look so lifeless. It is often said that “what goes inside shows outside”. But in this case, we may need to alter the line. It should go like this,” what remains inside shows outside”.

So, readers you know now how to clear skin of all the issues. Just keep your intestines clean and clear. Because when that happens, you eat well and when you eat well, you not only feel healthy, you look healthy too with a radiant skin.

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