The Life Span Or Stages Of Pimple Formation- Infographic

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Stages Of Pimple Formation

Did you know that the stages of pimples formation can start weeks, or potentially months before it ever appears visibly? Most infected blemishes form due to pre-existing blackheads and whiteheads, which consist of blocked and hardened sebum deep within the pores. This unpleasant combination accelerates the growth of the bacteria naturally residing on your skin to reproduce and cause swelling, redness, heat and pain. If pimples fail to go away with at-home treatment, dermatologists provide best acne spot treatments, such as oral medications, laser and light therapies and various methods of physical and surgical extraction.

Know more about the lifespan of a pimple in the above infographic like how it’s born, how it lives, and how it dies.

: stages of pimples formation

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