5 Spring Season Skin Care Tips For You – [An Infographic]

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Spring is around the corner and it’s the time to start thinking about your skin and complexion. There is no better time than the present to start spring skincare routine. One can use these Skincare tips by Bodyapplicatorwraps for both spring and summer season.

Skincare tips for spring season

1) Start Scrubbing – Use Gentle Scrub: Snow, sludge, and rain can cause long buildup on the skin of dead skin cells. To keep skin smooth and
hydrated, start scrubbing your skin.

2) Cleanse – Twice A Day: Cleansing is very important for the removal of dirt, oil, and other unwanted debris.

3) Apply Sunscreen Daily – Repeat after Every 3 hour: Spring skincare should include sunscreen. This time is actually a high risk time for sunburns and sun damage. Apply sunscreen every morning and before any outdoor activity.

4) Apply Moisturizer – Even if you have oily skin: The type of moisturizer you use, plays an important role in its effectiveness. Use Oil-Based Moisturizer as it have more staying power than creams.

5) Keep Your Skin Smooth – Use anti-aging moisturizing cream: To make skin smooth, one should follow a daily skincare routine. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables, drinking lots of water can make your skin smooth and glowing.

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