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Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hairs are the scourge of shavers everywhere, and unless you’re completely hairless. You’ve most probably noticed your skin peppered with the unsightly red bumps a few days later. In some cases, ingrown hairs can be super-uncomfortable and even become infected. Instead of squeezing or picking at them, there are so many more efficient and much less painful ingrown hair remedy.

Here is the infographic by “”, this would definitely help you to cure ingrown hair.

The Treatment for an Ingrown Hair Includes:

  • Chemical depilatories – It can loosen the structure of hair, resulting in blunt tips of shaved hairs at the follicular opening.
  • Topical creams – Topical creams are applied to reduce inflammation of inflamed ingrown hairs. One can go for the best hair removal cream, for better results.
  • Topical antibiotics – It may be required for severe cases that form pustules and abscesses.
  • Medical removal of the ingrown hair – This procedure targets individual hair follicles. It can be performed on any color of skin and any size and color of hair.
  • Hair-removal laser – Laser hair removal is generally very fast, efficient, and safe. Laser treatment risks include skin discoloration. One should follow the best ingrown hair remedy.

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