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Does that statement remind you of your intimate embarrassment? Well, though we didn’t want to hurt you in the first place but it seems we have breached that line. But now we would like to make up for that by telling you how to remove hair growing at weird places and what the best methods for that particular place are. Here we go:

1. Face

The first place you wouldn’t want to see hair, but unfortunately, a lot of us do have hair on our face. You shouldn’t feel ashamed. Shun the gender stereotype which says that only men have it. While some of us have a few strands, others may have more. Don’t fret about them. These are mostly concentrated on the chin or the jaw line. There are plenty of reasons that can contribute to this problem like hormones, genes and the rest. Treating the root cause will bring out better results.

Best methods: 

  1. Threading: quickest and easiest and a few of you can do it by yourself.
  2. Electrolysis: can be tried out, though it depends on the skin texture and the color of the hair to be removed.
  3. Laser may give you permanent solution.

Worst method: 

  • Waxing. it can cause flare-ups and irritation. Gradually it can lead to skin sagging.

2. Shoulders and back

Hair on top of the shoulders and lower back are common. Don’t even think that you are the only one living with this distress. This is connected to our ancestors and a large number of women have it.

Best method:

  1. Waxing: it really doesn’t matter whether the hair is thick or thin, waxing works on all.
  2. Bleaching: if the hair texture is fine, give it a short. It is easy and can be done at home.
  3. Laser: it is the best option provided you are ready to spend enough money.

3. Chest

Another problematic and embarrassing area. Though the growth is not like men but no woman likes to see hair on the breasts or around the nipples. The latter doesn’t mean that you have some serious health issue.

Best methods:

  1. Plucking: if there are just a few strands
  2. Electrolysis or laser: if you have more than normal hair.

Worst Methods:

  • Waxing and shaving are a complete no-no.

4. Stomach

Your belly button may be surrounded by a few strands or thick hair growth. And this is seriously embarrassing especially when you want to wear those crop tops and swimsuits.

Best method: 

  1. Bleaching: really good if you have fine hair.
  2. Waxing. It is the best method. The skin remains smooth for some weeks.
  3. Laser: try it, if the hair growth is thick

Worst Methods:

  • Shaving: easy, quick but it doesn’t last long. Itching and ingrown hair are real time problems.
  • Hair removal creams: are easy and can be used at home but again the results are not long-lasting.

5. Knuckles and feet

Hair on these parts are related to our genes.

Best method: 

  1. Waxing: Do it regularly.
  2. Electrolysis: Give it a shot if you wanna get rid of hair on these parts permanently.

6. Butt

A lot of us have hair on our bums. Don’t feel bad or sad about it.

Best method: 

  1. Wax: make it a part of your bikini wax regimen. In Brazilian wax, hair is removed from the whole of pubic region including the butt.

Employ the above techniques if you have hair growing at weird places and get a hair-free, beautiful skin.

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