7 Foolproof Home Remedies To Get Your Feet Ready for Spring Sandals

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Spring is in and that consistent sunshine is becoming brighter with every passing day, making us wrap up our spring shopping. Now, is the time to get your feet out of those furry boots and woolen socks. For quite a long season, your feet were under the stuffing of wool and fur. You can’t unveil your feet just like that and your sandals can’t just wait there to be touched by your feet. Someday you’ll have to wear them. It’s time to de-winterize your toes and heels now.

  • Invest in an electronic callus remover 

Don’t be surprised, but this is the most effective way to remove calluses from feet. It’s very easy and you won’t have to go to the salon just to make your feet sandal-friendly. It is not very expensive, atleast not more than getting pedicure every now and then for keeping your feet clean and worth looking at. Use it on clean and dry skin in order to get the most polished finish possible.

  • Maintain that smoothness with a pumice stone

Pumice stone is one of the best home remedies to soften feet. But, do not use it initially on stubborn calluses, as it’s not as effective as the above one. Pumice stone is great for keeping roughness at bay after that initial exfoliation. You can do it daily while taking a shower. But, do not rub it in dry heels, you know it may result in.

  • To target dry patches, soak and then exfoliate

It’s not only calluses that show up, the areas around your ankles and heels tend to get very dry and scaly during winters without proper care. Exfoliate the dry area around heels and ankles with a nice product after soaking your feet in water for some time. If you are too protective about your hands, then you can also use exfoliating gloves with exfoliating agent. Also, moisturize the area immediately after exfoliation.

  • Two words: SPA SOCKS

This is for how to soften heels of your feet, for truly deep moisturizing, the old fashioned method work wonders. Wondering which method?? After exfoliating, apply thick cream to your feet and wear cotton socks overnight while you sleep. You will wakeup with deeply moisturized and extremely soft feet. Same goes for hands if you want to try.

  • Best home remedy for un-staining your toenail 

Toothpaste, whitening strips and hydrogen peroxide from your medicine cabinet has the key to it. To un-stain toenails, saturate cotton in hydrogen peroxide and put it on each toenail. Wait for three to five minutes and scrub it off. Another way to apply whitening toothpaste or whitening strips on your toenails and let them stay for a while, then scrub them off with a brush and rinse.

  • How to soften heels of your feet 

A paraffin wax treatment for speedy treatment is recommended for cracked heels. While there are many home remedies to soften feet, but visiting salon is probably important or worth it, in case of cracked or sore heels. After treatment, keep your heels moisturized with a heavy cream.

  • Give a touch of polish and get going 

So, now your heels, toes and foot skin is ready for their spring debut, pay attention to stylish details. Pick a nice spring shoe from your favorite shoe store and get ready to hit the spring ramp.

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