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morning skin care

Our day usually begins with a hurry in mind and alarm put on snooze many times. The hectic work hours combined with daily household chores, consume most of our time. It would be unlikely for you to spare time for proper skin care. As a result, we find prominence of crow’s feet near our eyes, laugh lines that last longer than our laughs and dark spots which are the signs of premature aging.

Morning skin care is best to slow down the aging symptoms. Just sparing at least 5 minutes each day will suffice. Pick one skin care:

# Smile:

Some of us would have to make an effort for it. After all, waking up to a beeping alarm to start yet another hectic day is not very fascinating. Still, the moment you open your eyes, smile. It would not just lighten your mood but would also act as a rewarding facial exercise. You flex an extensive number of facial muscles when you smile. Thus, it would effectively stretch and tighten the skin.

# Deep Cleanse:

If your daily skin care routine consists of washing your face twice, then this step becomes very crucial for you. Environmental factors such as dust, UV rays of sun etc. take their toll on our skin and makes it dry, dull and worn out. Thus, you need a deep cleansing treatment to regenerate and refresh your skin.

This process takes less than 2 min. There are good cleansing products available in market which contains cleansing agents that penetrate deep within skin and remove all the impurities. And if you are an advocate of natural products, then milk and yogurt are great cleansing agents.

# Moisturize:

Dust, heat and excessive cold take away the natural moisture from our skin. Thus, along with regular hydration, our body requires extra care which constitute of regular application of a good moisturizer. After all, parched skin and chapped lips are the last thing that anyone can desire! Thus, buy a good moisturizer rich in anti-oxidants and make it a point to apply it regularly. In addition, always moisturize after cleansing and not the other way round.

# Drink a cup of warm water and squeezed lemon:

Not many can disagree that we usually start our day with a cup of hot tea. But once in a week, do a favor to your body organs by drinking warm water mixed with freshly squeezed lemon. The alkaline nature of lemon washes off toxins and purifies the body from any internal impurity. After all, healthy body reflects in a healthy skin.

# Exfoliate:

This task takes less than 5 min but can work wonders for your skin. Over time, dead skin cells get accumulated on our body which makes our skin look worn out and dull. While taking bath, take a scrub and gently rub it against the skin. This would remove dead skin cells and thereby beautify your skin. Revitol Skin Exfoliator is an excellent way to make your skin beautiful instantly.

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