The truth of Dark Underarms : How to treat them?

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Get rid of Dark Underarms

Who doesn’t like to flaunt those sleeveless tank tops and off-shoulder dresses. But unfortunately, a dark sight under the underarms can be so embarrassing and discourage you from dressing up in your favorite dress. Therefore, you need to read this article to know the hidden reasons and how to get rid of the dark underarms. In the eyes of a … Read More

7 Foolproof Ways to Get your Feet Ready for Spring Sandals

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remedies for soft feet

Spring is in and that consistent sunshine is becoming brighter with every passing day, making us wrap up our spring shopping. Now, is the time to get your feet out of those furry boots and woolen socks. For quite a long season, your feet were under the stuffing of wool and fur. You can’t unveil your feet just like that … Read More

Irish Moss: Your newest beauty formula

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benefits of Irish moss

I discovered Irish Moss while I was surfing through Internet about my wrinkles and dark circles. And there I found this magical ingredient which not just have a few skin benefits but have some major health benefits as well. For those who are not aware of this incredible ingredient, I must tell you Irish moss is a form of red … Read More

How to Get Rid of Ingrown Hair Scars on Legs

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get rid of ingrown hair scars on legs

I think after getting rid of those unsightly ingrown hairs from your legs, the next biggest problem that comes into your way is of how to get rid of ingrown hair scars on legs. Legs, arms and bikini line are the most common areas where ingrown hair scars appear in women. We have already discussed in our previous post about … Read More

How to get rid of Ingrown Hair from legs

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get rid of ingrown hair from legs

Except those high end expensive procedures like lazer and electrolysis, every other method of hair removal–waxing, shaving or epilation is going to leave you with ingrown hairs. Unfortunate but true, this is how it is. So, the solution of these ingrown hairs is to learn how to get rid of the ingrown hair. Why ingrown hair are caused? Understanding ingrown … Read More