Irish Moss: Your newest beauty formula

benefits of Irish moss

I discovered Irish Moss while I was surfing through Internet about my wrinkles and dark circles. And there I found this magical ingredient which not just have a few skin benefits but have some major health benefits as well. For those who are not aware of this incredible ingredient, I must tell you Irish moss is a form of red … Read More

How to Get Rid of Ingrown Hair Scars on Legs

get rid of ingrown hair scars on legs

I think after getting rid of those unsightly ingrown hairs from your legs, the next biggest problem that comes into your way is of how to get rid of ingrown hair scars on legs. Legs, arms and bikini line are the most common areas where ingrown hair scars appear in women. We have already discussed in our previous post about … Read More

How to get rid of Ingrown Hair from legs

get rid of ingrown hair from legs

Except those high end expensive procedures like lazer and electrolysis, every other method of hair removal–waxing, shaving or epilation is going to leave you with ingrown hairs. Unfortunate but true, this is how it is. So, the solution of these ingrown hairs is to learn how to get rid of the ingrown hair. Why ingrown hair are caused? Understanding ingrown … Read More

Nutritional Therapy For Psoriatic Patients


Psoriasis is an auto-immune infection in which the skin cells are formed at a rapid rate resulting in lesions. Scientists are still trying to find out the reason for this abnormal reaction by the immune system. Fortunately, though psoriasis cannot be cured completely, but it responds well to some medications. Also, it has been found that psoriatic patients experience flare-ups … Read More

You ain’t moon, you are woman/womoon: So Why those SCARS?

best natural remedies for scars

Why suffer with those unsightly acne marks when you can really do something about it. Scars come in all shapes and sizes and it isn’t anything that you would ever like to showoff. Acne scars not only affects your skin but it deeply damage your confidence, if it stays for too long. No need to compromise with your beautiful skin … Read More

Anti Aging Skincare – Things You Can Do To Avoid Aging


Whether you are in your 20s or early 30s, you can reverse the aging process with a healthy skin care regimen and a balanced diet. Skin is incapable of rejuvenating and loses its natural elasticity as we grow older. Some of the major factors that cause aging include stress, diet, over exposure to the sun and bad habits like smoking. … Read More

Should You Change Skin Care Routine In Winter?

winter skincare routine

As the mercury begins to dip, your skin too feels the pinch of nippy winter winds. Parched lips and rough skin covered with slight dry scales means your skin requires more care. Masking your face with moisturizers, lotions or winter creams won’t be effective to shield skin against blustery winter winds and temperature variations. Aging skin faces all the more … Read More

Give Your Skin A Mini-Makeover Each Morning

morning skin care

Our day usually begins with a hurry in mind and alarm put on snooze many times. The hectic work hours combined with daily household chores, consume most of our time. It would be unlikely for you to spare time for proper skin care. As a result, we find prominence of crow’s feet near our eyes, laugh lines that last longer … Read More

Look Gorgeous With Time-Saving Beauty Tips

tips to look gorgeous

A busy morning means you are probably juggling through numerous chores. It is understandable how you have to rush through your dressing and beauty routines. If you could just save few precious minutes in the morning, you would have a thorough ‘getting ready routine’. But would that be possible? Surly, you can do that by making few adjustments and getting … Read More

15 Minutes A Day For Dazzling Eyes

beautiful eyes

Eyes are known for their beauty, sensitivity and sensuality. They are often described as jewels of the body. Eyes act as a window to the world, but more importantly reflect facial beauty. Lack of proper care and attention can drain out natural glow and beauty of your eyes and cause problems like dark circles, puffiness, crow’s feet around your eyes … Read More